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3 Inch Fat Cooking Vacations


At 3 Inch Fat Cooking Vacations, based in Rome, Italy, we believe that cooking and food production is not only a fundamental life skill but also one of life's greatest pleasures.

From our passion for food, wine and hospitality together with a pride in our traditions, we are pleased to present you the ultimate cooking vacations.

These authentic journeys will immerse you into the Italian world of cooking through experiencing the roman countryside and coast with its castles, beaches and lakes.

We will ensure you the best foodie vacation ever!


Each 3 Inch Fat tour are selected and unique.

Passionate professionals will guide you on a culinary adventure by sharing their knowledge of food and wine and their love for life. From butchers and veggie growers to fishmongers and cheese farmers, all the produce we work with is selected.

A feast for your pallet that will allow you to learn more about homemade food flavours, easy recipes to take back home and little secrets to make food shopping a pleasure each and every time.

Choose the tours that fits in with your Italian trip:

Cook in the castle - 1 DAY COOKING TOUR IN A CASTLE
An island to love - 4 DAYS ON THE PONTINE ISLANDS (FROM MAY 2014)



All-inclsuive Italian Cooking Vacations

through Tuscany, Umbria, & Rome with Culture Discovery Vacations! 


Imagine the most memorable vacation experience of a lifetime as you join Michael and Paola’s family for a week of cooking, touring & wine tasting in one of the most breathtaking settings in the world.  

Culture Discovery’s vacations are all about family and the true Italian cultural experience.  You will live among the locals, shop in small food stores with the villagers, cook local recipes handed down for generations, and truly become part of the fabric of small town Italian life... as you become a family guest in every way.

Each vacation boasts a wonderful balance between home-style Tuscan & Umbrian cooking classes in the stunning kitchen of our magnificent 18th century country villa, sightseeing excursions to popular destinations, such as Assisi, Orvieto, Tuscan Wine Country, and Deruta… plus excursions to some of Central Italy’s most off-the-beaten-path hidden treasures.

Each vacation also includes visits to some of Italy’s most prestigious and beautiful private wineries where you will be granted private tours by the owners themselves, and even share a meal with their families.  You will visit cheese makers, local artisans, and even a small family-operated antique traditional olive oil mills that produces some of the best extra virgin oil in the world. 

Part of the true family experience means that you are never asked to pay for anything extra once you arrive.  Each small-group cooking vacation is completely  all-inclusive from the moment you are picked up at the airport (just as family would) until the moment hugs are shared as you check in for your flight back home. 

Website: Culture Discovery Italy Cooking Vacations
Tour Calendar: Italian Cooking Vacation Calendar

Culture Discovery Vacations

Sorrento Cooking School

Amalfi, Italy


Discover the authetiic Italian cuisine at "La cucina del Gusto"cooking school! Learn cooking that is simple, authentic, rich, natural...
If you are passionate about cooking or even if you have always wanted to learn, but have never found the time, why not consider a cooking school in beautiful and charming Sorrento?

The cookery school of Oasi Olimpia, called "La cucina del Gusto", permits you to experience authetic Italian cuisine and at the same time discover the many attractions of the rich Sorrentine Peninsula.

Oasi Olimpia has specialised in culinary vacation since 2002 and today ranks as the best Amalfi Coast and Sorrento cooking school.



Place your cooking school or culinary tour here. Please e-mail us for information.

Tuscany Cook

Italy culinary vacations

Ready to put your hands in the dough? 
Join us on a cooking holiday in a splendid 19th century Villa in Tuscany between Florence and Siena. 
The program consists of four days of three-hours cooking classes, two days of guided tours in Florence and Siena and a lazy day to relax by the pool or to discover the surroundings. 
A qualified chef will let you discover the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and will assist you in preparing complete menus. 


Discover the total process of cooking, from the fields to the table. Our special holiday includes guided tours  to our vineyards, wine cellars and olive groves, special wine and olive oil tasting and gives you the opportunity to learn by an Italian chef how to use olive oil and Chianti wine in delicious  daily meals.  
Come with us and live for one week, combining a holiday with a cooking school, learning and relaxing by the pool in our luxurious grounds. 
Please visit our web site www.tuscanycook.com and send us an e-mail at info@tuscanycook.com for more details!

Tuscany Cook!

Organic Cooking Classes in Tuscany


Join us on a cooking week in a gorgeous  villa setting in Tuscany, between Siena and Florence. Local chefs will guide you through the preparation of simple but delicious dishes and reveal some of their culinary secrets.  We take you to visit local organic farms, see how they make their honey, cheeses, wines and oil. We teach you how to use their fresh, seasonal produce in traditional Tuscan dishes, both ”cucina povera” (inventive peasant food) and more "noble" dishes, including delicate desserts. We have tours of the beautiful cities nearby: Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. Accommodation is in a spectacular 19th century Tuscan villa with pool with stunning view of the vineyards and olive grove in the valley below.

Web Site



Seasonal cookery and wine
holidays for the culinarily adventurous in Le Marche, Italy


Experience the vast range of cuisine and viticulture available in Le Marche, which changes as the seasons change. Taste the flavours of Italy fresh from the garden and the cheese-maker. Cook with local products under expert guidance in a small group of appreciative gourmets.

La Culinaria has so much to offer. For spouses or partners not too keen on learning to cook the delicious meals they will eat, there is a wealth of activities available, and indeed, cooking is not compulsory for anyone, though relaxation is! Your time can be divided between swimming in the lake, walking in the hills, horseriding, or absolutely nothing at all. Bring a book and soak up the mountain quiet. The beauty of Le Marche has created a haven for artists who come from as far a field as New Zealand, America and Britain to stay and be inspired by the tranquil, stunning views. Painting can be arranged as an extra or alternative activity, as can horseriding, mountain walking and quad biking.


A Particular Vacation to Marche, Italy

Cooking Courses, Activities and Excursions in one easy package


The Country House Il Casato di Vasconi is immersed in the gentle hills of le Marche in the central region of Italy and stands in a suburb called Vasconi, on the outskirts of Matelica between the valley of the River Esino of River Potenza and opposite to the mountains Sibillini.

The vacation course is called Vasconi Country Fayre and it focuses upon the simple but tasty farmers’ cuisine prevalent during the 1st and 2nd world wars when farming was the primary employer and people lived off the land.  It is simple because the recipes focus on the cooking techniques of open fires, oven and charcoal (electricity did not reach most farmhouses) and the full natural flavours of ingredients of each dish cooked in simple old fashioned farmers ways – chemical fertilizers were not used at that time only cow’s manure was used to augment the quantity produced. 

The owners of Vasconi Country Fayre also have a truffle farm and activity centre for biking, trekking, horse riding and scrambling.

Italy & Tuscany Culinary Tours

Italy has one of the greatest concentration of vacation cooking schools and culinary tours in the world. Please use our guide to help you choose the right vacation!