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Stores in Rome for pasta, dry goods, meats, snacks, olive oil, and more

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Rome Kitchen Stores

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An excellent and longstanding pastry and sweets shop in Trastevere is Valzani. True Sacher Torte, pralines with peperoncino, cannoli, and traditional Roman cookies are all present.
Via del Moro, 37
Tel. 06 5803 792

Go See Anna 

When visiting the market at Campo dei Fiori, be sure not to miss Anna  at Alimentari Patrizi Anna. She has a mobile on the left as you face the statue of Giodano Bruno. We buy dried porcini mushrooms from her every year, and Anna has great cheese and mests as well.

Another habitual stop in Trastevere near the outdoor market is Innocenzi G & G, a specialty dry goods store with plenty of hot sauces, olive oils, vinegars, dried pastas, flours, and sweets to make it worth a trip across the Tiber. We first entered its doors 9 years ago, and it hasn't changed a bit. Try the olive oil from Sabina and the Crema di peperoncini.

Innocenzi G & G

Piazza San Cosimato 66

Trastevere, Roma

Tel. 06581 2725

A longstanding favorite among the numerous Roman food shops that carry a bit of everything--meats, cheeses, bottled & canned goods, wine, truffles, dried pasta, etc.--is Mozzarella Mania. This elegant shop displays what is obviously the result of serious food appreciation and selection. The wine section in the back can be counted on to provided lots of sybaritic enjoyment. And don't hesitate to ask for assistance
Mozzarella Mania
Piazza D'Aracoeli, 14
00186 Roma 
Tel. 06 97840388‎ or 06 6783780


Antica Norcineria dal 1886

Via della Scofra, 100

Tel 06 688 01074

Yet another great food store in this epicurean corner of Rome, also containing a butcher shop is Antica Norcineria. Everything here is high quality (with prices to match) and well chosen. Dried pastas, dried porcini, meat products, prosciutto of the highest order, lentils, buffalo mozzarella & other cheeses, truffles & truffle products, wines.

Filli Fabbi dal 1937

Via della Croce, 27-28

Tel 06 6790612

An excellent shop for cheeses, including pecorino with truffles, as well as fresh truffles and truffle pastes and oils. Fabbi offers high quality Italian sausages and hams as well.