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Recommended wine stores (enotecas) in historic central Rome.

There's a big stone foot, the Pie di Marmo, left over from a gigantic statue belonging to a temple dedicated to Isis and Serapis, which gives its name to a small street near Santa Maria sopra Miverva (Pantheon). Here we have several times stopped at Per Bacco, an enoteca of sufficient size to give rise to an interesting selction of wines, without being overwhelming or stuffy. The owner has chosen carefully from all over Italy, with most selections well over 10 euros a bottle. The shop also has some olive oils and vinegars.

Per Bacco
Via Pie di Marmo 34
Tel. 06 699 22186

More to come everyday  . . .

Mostly enoteca, part cafe, and boasting a nice selection of specialty food products and liquors, you'll find Buccone a short distance from the Piazza del Popolo. The walls are lined with shelves stacked high with selections of vini from across Italy--including a good section on local Lazio produce. Wines are well selected and advice knowledgeable and precise.
Via di Ripetti 19-20
Tel. 06 3612154

Based on recent experience, the supermarket is no longer a good place to pick up a decent and inexpensive bottle of wine, at least in Rome. Go to a specialty wine store and if you don't know Italian wines, seek advice. Nearly 90% of the wines we have tried from supermarket selections, costing between 4 and 12 euros a bottle, have been terrible, nay undrinkable!